Who Can Use Autoplay

To start using Autoplay, all you need is a verified online account. So why not join up now, verify your account, and start using Autoplay. Join-up Now

How To Use Autoplay

Set up your Autoplay subscription by following these five easy steps:

Step One: Visit the Buy Lotto page
Step Two: Select your game
Step Three: Select your entry type and numbers
Step Four: Tick Autoplay and choose either ‘Play by Draw’ (e.g. Play for 1 draw) or ‘Play by Jackpot’ (eg. $10M and over)


Step Five: Complete purchase.

Note: You must make a purchase to set up your Autoplay.

Set Up Autoplay – Your way

Set your Autoplay by Draw:

Set your Autoplay by Jackpot:

Managing Your Autoplay Subscriptions

Your Autoplay subscriptions can be managed from the subscriptions page of your account menu. The subscriptions page provides the following features:

Autoplay Admin screen

  • Pause – Pause an existing Autoplay subscription
  • Reactivate – Paused Autoplay games can be reactivated at any time
  • Delete – Delete an Autoplay Subscription
  • Set up credit card – Choose which authorised credit card will be attached to your subscription.

Checking Autoplay Purchases

All purchased Autoplay tickets can be viewed on your Ticket History page. Autoplay tickets can also be deleted here up to the final moments before the draw. Simply click the red cross icon to delete an Autoplay ticket.