$2 Casket

From April 2013, Golden Casket wishes to advise that the $2 Casket game will no longer be available and will be removed from sale.

The last $2 Casket draw (301) will take place on 3 April, 2013, with tickets available for purchase into this draw until 2 April, 2013 (unless sold out prior).

The first Casket draw took place in Queensland on 14 June, 1917.

$2 Casket - make yourself comfortable

A Casket ticket gives you a great chance to make yourself comfortable with a First Prize of $100,000.

There is a maximum of 110,000 tickets sold in each $2 Casket draw. The winning ticket numbers are drawn on the date specified on your Casket ticket. Not all tickets have to be sold in a draw. The number of tickets sold will vary dependent upon the draw closure date.

2,363 ticket numbers are drawn at random, one after another. These numbers (in drawn order) win prizes from the First Prize of $100,000 down to $5.

But there are still 4,726 more prizes to be won! Every ticket holder who has a ticket number that is closest to any of the winning numbers drawn, will receive a consolation prize. The closest ticket number sold may not be the next consecutive ticket number. As consolation prizes are not published, to find out if you have won a consolation prize, take your ticket to your Golden Casket shop to have it checked.

That means a total of 7,089 tickets win in every $2 Casket draw.

$2 Casket tickets are available for purchase at your local Golden Casket Outlet (not available for purchase online).