how to buy a Casket ticket

To buy a $2 Casket ticket (subject to availability):

Ask your Golden Casket Retailer*:

  • For any number/s you like between one and 110,000.
  • For your number/s to be randomly selected for you.
  • For a sequence of numbers. You can choose up to 2,000 numbers (eg. 1001 through to 3000).
  • For a random set of numbers (up to 25 numbers at a time eg. 26 through to 50).
  • For an advanced entry so you can keep the same numbers for the next draw (Advanced entries are only available for the very next draw).

* $2 Casket is not available to be purchased online


Your Casket number/s are issued on a receipt/ticket. Make sure you check your ticket to ensure the details are correct. To claim a prize and to find out if you have won a consolation prize take your ticket to your local Golden Casket Outlet to have it checked.

fixed draw dates

Draw dates are fixed and will appear on your ticket so you know exactly when to check to see if you have won a prize.

Casket is the perfect gift

When you choose a Casket ticket as a gift, you can arrange to have a special message printed on the ticket. There's a big range to choose from so just ask at your local Golden Casket Outlet for any of the following messages:

Happy Birthday, Thank you!, It's a bet!, Best Wishes, Get Well Soon, Congratulations!, Good Luck! and Happy Anniversary.

And there are special seasonal messages as well: Happy Mother's Day, Happy Father's Day, Happy Easter, Lucky Black Friday, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy St. Patrick's Day.