How to Claim Instant Scratch-Its Prizes

Having a win of any amount is an exciting event and, for some lucky customers, it can be life changing. Because prize values can range from a few dollars to a few million dollars, there are a number of ways for you to claim your Instant Scratch-Its prize.

Prizes claims

Prizes less than $1,500

All Instant Scratch-Its prizes less than $1,500 can be claimed at any Golden Casket Outlet that sells Instant Scratch-Its tickets. 

Some outlets, at their discretion, may pay prizes higher than $1,500 (up to outlet's payout limit authorised by Golden Casket).

Prizes $1,500 and over

Instant Scratch-Its prizes $1,500 and over may be claimed in person at Golden Casket Lottery Corporation:

87 Ipswich Road
Brisbane, Queensland 4102 

These prizes will be paid by cheque or Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). 

To collect your prize in person at Golden Casket, you will need:

  • The original Instant Scratch-Its ticket and
  • Signature identification such as a Drivers Licence or Passport

Claiming a prize on someone's behalf at Golden Casket

If claiming all or part of a prize from a winning lotto ticket which is registered to a Winners Circle card on someone else's behalf, you will also need a signed letter of authorisation and signature identification for the claimant and the registered player(s).

Golden Casket contact details & business hours

Street Address:
87 Ipswich Road,
Woolloongabba QLD 4102 
Business Hours:
8:30am - 4:30pm, Monday to Friday

Call Golden Casket on 131 868 during business hours:
8am - 5pm - Monday to Saturday
8am - 2pm - Sunday


    Claim by mail

    Download the Prize Claim Form
    Download and complete the Prize Claim Form, ensuring that the required details from your winning Instant Scratch-Its tickets are included. For Instant Scratch-Its tickets the game code is found just under the value of the ticket and the Ticket Validation Barcode number can be found at the top of the ticket directly underneath the barcode. Include the completed Prize Claim Form in an envelope together with the ORIGINAL winning Instant Scratch-Its ticket, remembering to keep copies for your own records. Remember when making a claim on an Instant Scratch-Its ticket, complete your name, address and signature on the back of the ticket. Affix a postage stamp and post to:

    Locked Bag 7
    Coorparoo DC Qld 4151

    Alternatively, you can pick up a Prize Claim Form at your local Golden Casket Outlet and complete by following the same steps. Your prize payment should be processed and paid within 10 working days of receipt of your claim form by Golden Casket, or after necessary waiting periods as listed.

    Other important information

    Lost/Damaged Instant Scratch-Its Game Book

    In order to claim any prizes on the Instant Scratch-it’s Around the World Game Book the whole book needs to be presented at the Outlet. If any pages are missing and the Game Book is not presented in its entirety you will need to complete this Statutory Declaration. This Statutory Declaration is to declare that you are the rightful owner of this ticket and cannot be used if the whole Game Book has been lost. (You must have the partial ticket that includes the ticket number in order for your claim to be considered. This ticket may be considered VOID if any pages are separated from the book). This Statutory Declaration cannot be used for any other Instant Scratch-its tickets.

    If your Instant Scratch-Its Game Book ticket is a winner and is incomplete or damaged, you will need to complete a Statutory Declaration for which will assist us in verifying your claim. There is a fee associated with this search. Please read the "Conditions of Search" outlined on the top of this form. All "Conditions of Search" must be adhered to in order for us to conduct the search. If we are successful in identifying a prize from the information provided, your prize will be paid 4 weeks after the Statutory Declaration and claim being received by Golden Casket, provided that the prize has not yet been paid.

    Click on the below links to download the Statutory Declaration for the state in which you reside.

    Northern Territory

    This form can be mailed to:

    Golden Casket Lottery Corporation Limited
    Locked Bag 7
    Coorparoo DC Qld 4151
    Alternatively you can fax the Statutory Declaration Form (with credit card payment completed), Attention to Prize Administration on 07 3877 1140.

    Lost Instant Scratch-Its tickets

    Please be careful with your Instant Scratch-Its ticket because if it is stolen or you lose it, someone else could use it to claim your prize. Prizes may only be claimed from the original Instant Scratch-Its ticket. 

    Claim within State of purchase

    Instant Scratch-Its can be claimed in Queensland, Tasmania or Northern Territory.