Information for customers in
Tasmania & Northern Territory

Golden Casket's instant lottery brand "Instant Scratch-Its" has been operating in Queensland since 1984. In 2008, Golden Casket sought an opportunity to sell Instant Scratch-Its tickets outside Queensland.

If you live in Tasmania or the Northern Territory you are able to purchase a range of Golden Casket's Instant Scratch-Its tickets at participating Tatts Outlets.

Instant Scratch-Its ticket range

$1 Instant Scratch-Its Tickets

A little burst of fun with a simple scratch-&-match play mechanic. 

Great top prizes!

Fun quick-play games

Give yourself a treat and add a little fun to your day...

$2 Instant Scratch-Its Tickets

The $2 range offers even more excitement, with a quick scratch potentially turning your spare change into a heap of extra cash.


Hot 'n' Spicy Cash - Two top prizes of $25,000

Lucky Leprechaun - Two top prizes of $25,000

Pink Gems - Two top prizes of $25,000

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$4 Instant Scratch-Its Tickets



Extend the fun with the $4 range. The perfect entertainment while you wait or to take five minutes for yourself.

$4 Tombs of Riches - Two top prizes of $50,000

$4 Lotto Lines - Two top prizes of $50,000

A range of engaging themes to entertain 

Extend the fun

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Sit down and get comfortable, as this exciting crosswords game makes the fun last even longer. With a breathtaking prize that could leave you lost for words!

Three top prizes $100,000

Instant Scratch-Its $5 Crosswords

Make the thrills last even longer

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$5 Instant Scratch-Its Tickets

The $5 games are always exhilarating. Why not take a break and treat yourself, a friend or a loved one.

$5 Scratch Me Happy - Two top prizes of $100,000

$5 Deal Me Diamonds - Top prize of $100,000

Great gift idea

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$6 Instant Scratch-Its Ticket

Reward yourself with our new $6 ‘Space Invaders’ game. You just might be celebrating like a star with a top prize of $300,000!

Top prize $300,000

$6 Space Invaders

This ticket has two separate play areas

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Multiplier Range



Multiply Your Fun with Instant Scratch-Its Multiplier Range.

$5 10X The Cash

Two top prizes of $100,000

$10 25X The Cash

Top prize of $250,000

Live The Life Black and Gold


Instant Scratch-Its Live the Life ticket range features multiple top prizes paid weekly over five years.


Win a weekly fun fund!

$5 Live the Life Black

4 top prizes of $1,000 a week for 5 years!

$10 Live the Life Gold

2 top prizes of $2,500 a week for 5 years!

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$15 Instant Scratch-Its Tickets


Instant Scratch-Its $10 and $15 range offer the chance to win an enormous top prize instantly. A perfect gift... or a gift for yourself.

Giant prizes with the chance to win instantly

$15 One Million Prestige - Top prize $1,000,000

Great gift idea

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Please note - some or all prizes may have been won prior to the purchase of these tickets.

prize claims

Winning Instant Scratch-Its tickets can be redeemed at any participating Tatts Outlet that sells Golden Casket tickets. Any tickets with prizes unable to be paid at the outlet (i.e. prizes over the Outlet's prize payment limit) should be forwarded to Golden Casket in Queensland for prize payment using the address supplied on the back of the ticket.


Interstate gift giving is now so much easier with Instant Scratch-Its tickets. Any occasion is perfect to add a little thrill to a happy birthday, congratulations, bon voyage or get well soon card. It's easy to send a Golden Casket Instant Scratch-Its ticket interstate as winning tickets can be redeemed at Golden Casket Outlets and any participating Tatts Outlet irrespective of which state the ticket was sold.

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