How to Play Super 66

Super 66 gives you another chance to win whenever you play Gold Lotto, Oz Lotto, Powerball or The Pools. You can add a Super 66 entry to your QuickPick entry or on your marked coupon and it costs just $1.10 per game.

When you play, a six-digit number is randomly generated for you compiled from numbers 0 - 9. Six balls are drawn every Saturday night after the Gold Lotto draw and the more numbers you match in order the more you win!

Download the "Let's Play!" Super 66 guide

 Add Super 66 to a QuickPick

You can play Super 66 by adding it to your Gold Lotto, Oz Lotto, Powerball or The Pools QuickPick entries. Just tell your Golden Casket retailer how many Super 66 entries you want to play. The Lotto terminal will print your random Super 66 entry or entry(ies) onto a separate ticket.

 Mark a coupon

Super 66 is a random computer generated 6-digit number. To play, simply cross the Super 66 '1' entry box on your coupon or, for more than one entry, cross the '2+' box and tell your Golden Casket retailer how many Super 66 entries you want. You can ask for up to 12 Super 66 games when you cross the '2+'box on your coupon. You can also buy Super 66 online.

One prize only

There is only one prize payable per Super 66 entry. A Super 66 number with 2 sets of winning sequential numbers would win the one higher division prize. There's more about how to win with Super 66 here.


The Division 1 prize pool for Super 66 jackpots to the next week if it is not won. In cases where Division 1 has jackpotted for the twenty-fifth week in succession, the prize pool is distributed to the next lowest division in which there are winners, usually Division 2.

Multi-Week entries

Going on holidays? Out of town for work? If you're away and don't want to miss getting your entry in, grab a Multi-week entry! It allows you to play the same numbers in your favourite game for 2 to 10 weeks at a time.

Advance entries

Got your eye on a special draw coming up? Maybe you've got a good feeling about a particular draw? Entries for specific draws are available up to 10 weeks prior to any lotto draw date so why not buy early to avoid the rush.