Complaint Handling Charter

NSW Lotteries has a Complaint Handling Charter dealing with complaints about the operation of, or compliance with, the Responsible Gambling Codes of Conduct. The Complaint Handling Charter details the process for customer complaints. View the NSW Lotteries Complaint Handling Charter.

The 'Have Fun and Play Responsibly' Responsible Play sign and brochure, which are on display and available at all Outlets, advertises the location of the Complaint Handling Charter on the NSW Lotteries website.
A member of the public can make a complaint to NSW Lotteries in person, by telephone, letter, fax or email.

If a complaint is made in person or by telephone, the complainant may be asked to submit details of the complaint in writing.

The incident or complaint will be investigated within a reasonable timeframe and for written complaints, within 21 days.

For NSW complaints, NSW Lotteries investigates, determines and implements a resolution for all complaints and informs the complainant and the subject of the complaint (if applicable) of the NSW Lotteries conclusion in relation to the complaint and the reason for that conclusion and also logs the details of the complaint and the outcome. If the matter is resolved, no further action is taken.

If the complainant requests a review of the decision, an internal independent review is conducted, which may include the following measures:

  • all material in relation to the complaint is examined; and
  • discussions may be held with the complainant, the subject of the complaint, and/or staff involved with the management of the complaint.

If the complainant requests a review of the internal decision, the matter is referred by NSW Lotteries to a member of a panel of independent mediators for either a determination based on submitted paperwork or to arrange mediation if necessary. Costs of this process will be shared equally by NSW Lotteries and the complainant.