NSW Government Responsible Gambling information

Player Information Brochures

The NSW Government has developed a series of brochures to provide customers with the opportunity to make informed choices about gambling and to reduce the risk of some people becoming problem gamblers. The brochures in the Info About The Odds series are designed to provide gambling consumers with easy to understand information about gambling, the chances of winning and where to get help for a gambling problem. The "Info About The Odds brochure...Betting on Lotto Lotteries or Keno?" focuses on the chances of winning Lotto games, Lotteries or Keno. Other brochures in the series cover the odds of machine gaming and casino games, as well as information for problem gamblers and their families and friends. Click here to access the text of the brochure. The Info About The Odds brochure is also available in seven community languages.

Counselling Signage

The NSW Government has also developed a Counselling Signage poster for display in lottery outlets to provide customers with the contact details for counselling services, should they be experiencing problems with gambling. The poster is the "Think! About Your Choices" poster and provides the national gambling helpline telephone number 1800 858 858, website contact details "www.gamblinghelp.nsw.gov.au" and the NSW Government gambling warning message, "Think About Your Choices" Click here to view the poster.