how to play Favourites

A fast and easy way of saving numbers to play regularly.

If you have numbers that are special to you; Birthdates, Anniversary dates, house numbers or just lucky numbers; why not play these numbers online and save them as a Favourite*.

save a Favourite

You can save a Favourite anytime you buy an entry online, up to a maximum of 50 Favourites.

  • Login to your account and visit the Purchase page
  • Select the ticket details and then save it as a Favourite by typing a name into the Favourites box (as shown below) before adding it to your Cart
  • By clicking on the Favourites option in the left hand menu, You can View, Edit or Purchase this Favourite at any time.

help - how to buy favourites

play a Favourite

Favourites are the quickest way to play many games. You can add 1 or all of your favourites to your shopping cart in one transaction.

  • Login to your account and visit the Purchase page
  • Click on the Favourites option in the left hand menu.
  • Select as many Favourites and as many draws as you like (you can add more than 1 Favourite and draw to your cart at a time)
  • Click the Add To Cart button.
  • The system will add all your tickets to your cart at once and you can checkout as normal.

how to identify a Favourite

Whenever you buy a Favourite game, it will be identified with a help - favourites star favourites star in your cart and transaction history. You can save up to 50 entries as Favourites then they're ready to use whenever you buy lotto online.

Players Club card Favourites

* Note that favourites stored on a Players Club card cannot be copied from a card to online or online to card.