Closing accounts and self-exclusion


As part of the NSW Lotteries commitment to responsible gaming, this website offers you the ability to self-exclude from further purchasing. If you feel that you are experiencing difficulties, self-exclusion is a means of preventing further transactions from your Account for an initial 180 day period.


Where to get help

To view a contact list for counselling services in each State of Australia, please read our Responsible Gaming information.

How to self-exclude

The self-exclude process enables members who wish to self-exclude from being able to use their registered internet account for an exclusion period of 180 days.

You can either:

  • Contact NSW Lotteries on 1300 138 132 (during extended business hours) and ask to speak to a Responsible Play Liaison Officer (for all states except the ACT), OR
  • Call 1300 88 22 96 (during office hours) to speak to the Gambling Contact Officer if you are from the ACT.
  • submit an online Self Exclusion request (detailed below).

Online self-exclusion

  • Login to your Account
  • Click the Self Manage link in the Account menu
  • Select either Lotteries or Wagering to self exclude from.
  • Follow the online process to self-exclude

Your completed Deed of Self Exclusion will then be submitted to NSW Lotteries Customer Support. Your registered Account will then be de-activated for an initial period of 180 days. Please note that after this period your account can only be re-activated upon receipt of a written request by you. This written request should be directed to NSW Lotteries Customer support. Members who Self-Exclude three times are permanently excluded.

Closing an account

Email your request to Close your account to Customer Support. You will be asked to verify your identity in order to be able to withdraw funds. You will then be able to withdraw the balance of your Account, less any fees or charges payable. Should you wish to buy lottery tickets after you close your Account, you will be required to register again with NSW Lotteries.

Dormant accounts

If your account is not used for 12 months, we will send you an email notifying you that your account is about to be classed as dormant. You can avoid your account becoming dormant through any account activity, including logging in, depositing, purchasing or updating details.