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How do I get a Players Club card?

Online players can receive a physical Players Club card in the mail by requesting one within the ‘Players Club’ page of ‘Your Account’. You can also activate your membership at this page by paying your membership fee, or at your local NSW Lotteries outlet.

Alternatively, you can fill in a Players Club application form at your local NSW Lotteries outlet and pay the membership fee on the spot. You will be supplied with a temporary card until your official one arrives in the mail.

How much does it cost to be a Players Club member?

We have multi-year membership options available starting from as little as $5 per year. See the table below for a full break down.


Is my online account connected to my Players Club card?

When you sign up for an online account you will be automatically prompted to enter your Players Club card number. If you are an existing online account holder you can connect a new membership to your online account by linking your card number under the ‘Players Club’ page of ‘Your Account’.

How do I replace or request an additional Players Club card?

Login to the ‘Players Club’ page of ‘Your Account’ and select the option to ‘Order Additional Card’. Please note that additional cards require activation before use and are covered by a single annual renewal fee. You can also ask your retailer to order an additional card for you the next time you're in a NSW Lotteries outlet.

How do I record numbers onto my Players Club card?

Recording numbers onto your Players Club card is easy and you can store up to 50 different entries on your card.

Just mark your favourite numbers onto any coupon, then hand the coupon to your NSW Lotteries Retailer along with your Card and ask them to record the numbers. To play your numbers whenever you want, simply hand your Card to your NSW Lotteries outlet and ask to play your recorded numbers.

How do I enter the $1,000 x 7 monthly bonus draws?

Entry is automatic for Players Club members. Every time you register a ticket to your Players Club card in both retail and online, you get 1 entry into the next bonus draw for every $1 you spend.

How do I renew my membership?

You can renew your membership online under the Players Club tab or at your NSW Lotteries outlet.

What happens if I need to change my details?

If you change any of your contact or account details please ensure you update them online or by completing a Change of Details Form at your local NSW Lotteries outlet.

Should you change your surname due to marriage, divorce or deed poll, just complete a Customer Name Change form and provide a certified photocopy of your marriage certificate, dissolution of marriage or deed poll and forward:

NSW Lotteries Customer Support
Locked Bag 7