FAQ - Syndicates

Why should I join a syndicate?

  • Have more fun playing
  • Increase your chances of winning
  • All costs and winnings are shared
  • Play together in a team

What games can be played in a syndicate?

  • Lotto
  • Powerball
  • Oz Lotto
  • The Pools

What does a syndicate entry look like?

A syndicate entry can consist of a variety of entry types (Standard, System Pick, and PowerHit* entries which can be played as a QuickPick or as a Marked entry) across four different lottery games – Lotto, Powerball, Oz Lotto and The Pools. The price point of the syndicate will depend on the entry types chosen.

*PowerHit entry available only when playing Powerball.

What is a syndicate share ticket?

A syndicate share ticket ensures you receive a separate ticket (containing a unique barcode) for the syndicate entry you have purchased into.

Why is the chance of winning increased when playing in a syndicate?

The chance of winning is increased^ when playing in a syndicate because a syndicate allows you to purchase a bigger entry with a larger pool of money.

^Winnings are dependent on the entry types in your syndicate.

How can I check if our Team Syndicate has any winnings?

Your individual syndicate share ticket has a unique barcode. To check whether your Team Syndicate has won a prize, simply scan your ticket at your local Outlet ticket checker.

How do I know that my syndicate share in included in the syndicate entry?

It is a good idea to keep a record of all communications between yourself and the Syndicate Organiser. The best way is to formalise this in a written email. Ask your Syndicate Organiser for a syndicate share ticket, that way you can check and collect funds if your Team Syndicate has any wins.

TIP: Are you a Syndicate Organiser? Checkout the online Team syndicate made simple management tool, it is an easy way to view to set-up, manage and communicate with your Team Syndicate members.

It is the responsibility of the Syndicate Organiser to be aware of the collection, use and disclosure of personal information of its syndicate participants. NSW Lotteries shall not be bound by any rule or agreement between group entrants.

Why should I consider including System Entries in my syndicate?

System Entries are all about giving you the chance to win more because the more people who contribute to your syndicate, the bigger System Entry you could play. For example, if your syndicate purchased a System 10 Entry in Powerball and got five of the “winning numbers” right, you would win 50 times the Division 7 prize, and 5 times the Division 4 prize.

In a syndicate you share the cost of the entry, making a System Entry the ideal way to play any of your favourite lottery games.