How to Play Lotto Strike

Lotto Strike, another way to win

Lotto Strike is an add-on game that can only be played with Lotto. The object of the game is to correctly select the first four Lotto numbers in the exact order drawn in the Lotto draw.

To play Lotto Strike, you can choose your own numbers by filling in a Lotto Strike entry coupon, or play a QuickPick entry and have the numbers randomly selected for you.

Download the Lotto Strike "Let's Play" guide

Lotto Strike "Let's Play" Guide

 Mark a coupon

Use black or blue ink. Do not use red ink.

  1. Each entry coupon contains 10 game panels, costing $1.00 per Standard game (plus agent’s commission)
  2. In each game panel, select one number per line between 1 and 45 inclusive. For example, if you choose number 38, just mark 30 and 8. If you choose 5, mark 5 only. If you choose number 20, mark 20 only and if you choose number 14, mark 10 and 4.
  3. The number on the first line will be your first ball, the number on the second line will be your second ball and so on.
  4. Select the draw/s you wish to enter by marking Monday and/or Wednesday and/or Saturday where indicated on the entry coupon.
  5. If you want to play your four numbers in every possible order, mark 'Box 24'. This is equivalent to 24 standard games, costing $24.00 (plus Agents commission) and guarantees you all possible combinations of your 4 chosen numbers.
  6. Hand your Lotto Strike coupon to your NSW Lotteries Retailer with a computer linked terminal or buy Lotto Strike online direct, right here at
  7. You will receive your ticket with your numbers on it. Please check your numbers carefully.

 Grab a QuickPick entry

Another way to enter Lotto Strike is by playing a QuickPick entry  – where the computer randomly selects your numbers for you.

When filling out your Lotto entry, you can mark the Lotto Strike ‘QuickPick ’ box on the Lotto entry coupon. You will receive a 1 panel QuickPick entry into the Lotto draws you have selected. If you don’t want to fill out a coupon, just ask your Retailer for a Lotto Strike QuickPick entry when you play Lotto – it’s that easy. You can now play up to 50 Lotto Strike games on the one ticket!

Click here to search for your nearest outlet to buy a Lotto Strike entry or buy Lotto Strike online direct, right here at for no extra cost.

 Boxed entry

A Boxed Selection gives you 24 combinations of your four numbers and means that your four numbers can be drawn in any order within the first four Lotto balls. Boxing your numbers is equivalent to 24 Standard games.

Not only does a Boxed Entry improve your chances of winning, but a winning Boxed Entry actually wins multiple prizes. For example, if you have only three correct winning numbers you actually win 13 prizes, being:

1 x Strike 3 prizes +
3 x Strike 2 prizes +
9 x Strike 1 prize

The table below shows the number of prizes you can win when playing a Boxed Entry.

Winning Numbers Strike 4 Strike 3 Strike 2 Strike 1
4 Numbers matched 1 0 6 8
3 Numbers matched 0 1 3 9
2 Numbers matched 0 0 2 8
1 Number matched 0 0 0 6

How to win Lotto Strike

Lotto Strike is won by selecting four numbers that correctly match the exact order of the first four Lotto balls drawn. If you match the four balls correctly, you can Strike It Rich with a minimum prize of $100,000 – and more when there is a Lotto Strike jackpot! And if you match just one, two or three of the first four Lotto balls, in exactly the same order drawn, you’ll also be a winner.


If no one picks all four winning numbers in the draw, the Lotto Strike Jackpot prize pool will jackpot to the next draw. For example, if there is no winner on Monday night, the prize pool jackpots to the Wednesday night draw, then the Saturday night draw and so on.

The jackpot prize grows until it reaches $2 million, when it is capped until it is won. Any additional prize money generated above this amount is kept in a Prize Reserve Fund which then tops up the next Lotto Strike Jackpot prize after the jackpot is won.