New Powerball

Effective March 1, you'll notice some enhancements to Powerball. As a result, you'll see a bigger prize pool & more winners!

Chance to WIN!

Play your new saved Powerball numbers for the chance to Win 1 of 3 $1,000 travel vouchers or cash.


Powerball game enhancements
Effective 1 March 2013

BIG Jackpots + BIGGER Prize Pool + MORE winners!

Effective 1 March 2013 (Draw 877), there will be a number of changes made to the way Powerball is structured. As a result, you'll notice some great benefits like big jackpots, a bigger prize pool and more winners. Keep reading for more details.

playing the new Powerball is easy

There will still be 2 draw barrels, but the number of balls drawn and the number of balls in each barrel will change. Under the new rules from 1 March, 6 winning numbers will be drawn from 40 for the first barrel and 1 winning number will be drawn from 20 for the second barrel (the Powerball barrel). You will need to match all 6 winning numbers plus the Powerball to win Division 1.

big jackpots more often

When Powerball reaches $10 million or more, if there is no Division 1 winner, it's anticipated that the jackpot will increase by a massive $10 million each week! So you can expect to see big jackpots more often.

new Division 8

New Division 8 means there will be more winners from the first draw on Thursday March 7!

To win Division 8, you need to match 2 winning numbers plus the Powerball. See below for details on how to win across all divisions.

Division NEW how to win
1 6 winning numbers + the Powerball
2 6 winning numbers
3 5 winning numbers + the Powerball
4 5 winning numbers
5 4 winning numbers + the Powerball
6 3 winning numbers + the Powerball
7 4 winning numbers
NEW DIV 8 2 winning numbers + the Powerball

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play your new saved Powerball numbers for the chance to WIN!

Play your new saved Powerball numbers by 31 May 2013 and you'll automatically go into the draw for a chance to win 1 of 3 prizes of a $1,000 travel voucher or cash*!

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So don't forget to save and play your new game numbers and see how Powerball has the power to change it all this Thursday.

*Promotion terms and conditions apply and are available to read here.

changes to average prize amounts

The winning combinations and percentage allocation for the prize divisions will change from the first draw on 7 March 2013, which means that average prize amounts will also change slightly. In most cases the divisional prizes should remain similar, however some divisional prizes are slightly higher or lower. For example Division 7 is expected to pay around $23 compared to the previous average of $13.

better overall odds

With the addition of Division 8, overall it will be even easier to win a prize, with the chance of winning any prize improving from 1:120 to 1:78. Full odds are listed on the Odds of Winning page.

change to Powerball's price

From March 1, Powerball's price will increase from $0.75 to $0.85 plus agent commission. As a result the total prize pool will be bigger, and with the addition of Division 8, there will now be more winners!

To view the full list of current Powerball prices which are effective from 1 March 2013, click here.

game rules - effective 1 March 2013

Download the Powerball Game Rules effective 1 March 2013.

Download the "Let's Play!" Powerball Guide effective 1 March 2013.