Last 10 lotteries results & dividends

The latest results for our games are generally available by 9:00pm (AEST) on the day of draw (excluding Lucky Lotteries, Set for Life and The Pools). Set for Life results are generally available from 9:45pm (AEST) on day of draw and Lucky Lotteries results will be available on day of draw. Dividends for each game are typically updated following the draw and are generally available on the morning following the draw (excluding The Pools and Lucky Lotteries).

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Super Jackpot Thu 21/Sep/17, Draw 10183

Jackpot number 88479

Jackpot not won. Jackpots to draw 10184.

$100,000 Ticket Number257221
$10,000 Ticket Number248857
$5,000 Ticket Number13414

Super Jackpot Fri 15/Sep/17, Draw 10182

Jackpot number 213777

Jackpot not won. Jackpots to draw 10183.

$100,000 Ticket Number198930
$10,000 Ticket Number102748
$5,000 Ticket Number69196

Super Jackpot Mon 11/Sep/17, Draw 10181

Jackpot number 40903

Jackpot not won. Jackpots to draw 10182.

$100,000 Ticket Number82635
$10,000 Ticket Number255438
$5,000 Ticket Number92548

Super Jackpot Tue 05/Sep/17, Draw 10180

Jackpot number 115791

Jackpot not won. Jackpots to draw 10181.

$100,000 Ticket Number182100
$10,000 Ticket Number193555
$5,000 Ticket Number230945

Super Jackpot Thu 31/Aug/17, Draw 10179

Jackpot number 228093

Jackpot not won. Jackpots to draw 10180.

$100,000 Ticket Number10145
$10,000 Ticket Number92783
$5,000 Ticket Number153200

Super Jackpot Mon 28/Aug/17, Draw 10178

Jackpot number 66314

Jackpot not won. Jackpots to draw 10179.

$100,000 Ticket Number267048
$10,000 Ticket Number217250
$5,000 Ticket Number125605

Super Jackpot Tue 22/Aug/17, Draw 10177

Jackpot number 40719

Jackpot not won. Jackpots to draw 10178.

$100,000 Ticket Number249196
$10,000 Ticket Number256965
$5,000 Ticket Number119931

Super Jackpot Tue 15/Aug/17, Draw 10176

Jackpot number 9048

Jackpot not won. Jackpots to draw 10177.

$100,000 Ticket Number255639
$10,000 Ticket Number63624
$5,000 Ticket Number238636

Super Jackpot Thu 10/Aug/17, Draw 10175

Jackpot number 64025

Jackpot not won. Jackpots to draw 10176.

$100,000 Ticket Number128955
$10,000 Ticket Number138790
$5,000 Ticket Number51304

Super Jackpot Tue 08/Aug/17, Draw 10174

Jackpot number 14370

Jackpot not won. Jackpots to draw 10175.

$100,000 Ticket Number17542
$10,000 Ticket Number257385
$5,000 Ticket Number179235

^ Jackpot amount advertised may already have been won when your lottery is drawn. Lucky Lotteries Mega Jackpot guaranteed min jackpot is $1,000,000. Lucky Lotteries Super Jackpot guaranteed min jackpot is $500,000. Super Jackpot Single Ticket $2.20 and Mega Jackpot Single Ticket $5.50.
^^ Lucky Lotteries draws are drawn as soon as practicable after the last ticket in the draw is sold, so the draw schedule is subject to change.
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