Last 10 lotteries results & dividends

The latest results for our games are generally available by 9:00pm (AEST) on the day of draw (excluding Lucky Lotteries, Set for Life and The Pools). Set for Life results are generally available from 9:45pm (AEST) on day of draw and Lucky Lotteries results will be available on day of draw. Dividends for each game are typically updated following the draw and are generally available on the morning following the draw (excluding The Pools and Lucky Lotteries).

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Super Jackpot Fri 28/Apr/17, Draw 10155

Jackpot number 133351

Jackpot not won. Jackpots to draw 10156.

$100,000 Ticket Number154284
$10,000 Ticket Number258324
$5,000 Ticket Number9298

Super Jackpot Wed 26/Apr/17, Draw 10154

Jackpot number 165307

Jackpot not won. Jackpots to draw 10155.

$100,000 Ticket Number101539
$10,000 Ticket Number202547
$5,000 Ticket Number17990

Super Jackpot Mon 24/Apr/17, Draw 10153

Jackpot number 98829

Jackpot not won. Jackpots to draw 10154.

$100,000 Ticket Number19724
$10,000 Ticket Number87488
$5,000 Ticket Number115066

Super Jackpot Thu 20/Apr/17, Draw 10152

Jackpot number 194362

Jackpot not won. Jackpots to draw 10153.

$100,000 Ticket Number39437
$10,000 Ticket Number126998
$5,000 Ticket Number208340

Super Jackpot Tue 18/Apr/17, Draw 10151

Jackpot number 95761

Jackpot not won. Jackpots to draw 10152.

$100,000 Ticket Number255578
$10,000 Ticket Number221172
$5,000 Ticket Number66318

Super Jackpot Thu 13/Apr/17, Draw 10150

Jackpot number 82461

Jackpot not won. Jackpots to draw 10151.

$100,000 Ticket Number81745
$10,000 Ticket Number237537
$5,000 Ticket Number237290

Super Jackpot Tue 11/Apr/17, Draw 10149

Jackpot number 135467

Jackpot not won. Jackpots to draw 10150.

$100,000 Ticket Number136793
$10,000 Ticket Number45900
$5,000 Ticket Number147145

Super Jackpot Mon 10/Apr/17, Draw 10148

Jackpot number 136122

Jackpot not won. Jackpots to draw 10149.

$100,000 Ticket Number55045
$10,000 Ticket Number188166
$5,000 Ticket Number16483

Super Jackpot Thu 06/Apr/17, Draw 10147

Jackpot number 254885

Jackpot not won. Jackpots to draw 10148.

$100,000 Ticket Number244903
$10,000 Ticket Number74272
$5,000 Ticket Number93708

Super Jackpot Tue 04/Apr/17, Draw 10146

Jackpot number 137235

Jackpot not won. Jackpots to draw 10147.

$100,000 Ticket Number18123
$10,000 Ticket Number10377
$5,000 Ticket Number9912

^ Jackpot amount advertised may already have been won when your lottery is drawn. Lucky Lotteries Mega Jackpot guaranteed min jackpot is $1,000,000. Lucky Lotteries Super Jackpot guaranteed min jackpot is $500,000. Super Jackpot Single Ticket $2.20 and Mega Jackpot Single Ticket $5.50.
^^ Lucky Lotteries draws are drawn as soon as practicable after the last ticket in the draw is sold, so the draw schedule is subject to change.
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