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The latest results for our games are generally available by 9:00pm (AEST) on the day of draw (excluding Lucky Lotteries, Set for Life and The Pools). Set for Life results are generally available from 9:45pm (AEST) on day of draw and Lucky Lotteries results will be available on day of draw. Dividends for each game are typically updated following the draw and are generally available on the morning following the draw (excluding The Pools and Lucky Lotteries).

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Mega Jackpot Thu 27/Jul/17, Draw 1062

Jackpot number 107361

Jackpot not won. Jackpots to draw 1063.

$200,000 Ticket Number95444
$20,000 Ticket Number169455
$5,000 Ticket Number193790

Mega Jackpot Tue 11/Jul/17, Draw 1061

Jackpot number 2410

Jackpot not won. Jackpots to draw 1062.

$200,000 Ticket Number113991
$20,000 Ticket Number127427
$5,000 Ticket Number187961

Mega Jackpot Tue 27/Jun/17, Draw 1060

Jackpot number 92032

Jackpot not won. Jackpots to draw 1061.

$200,000 Ticket Number141746
$20,000 Ticket Number90644
$5,000 Ticket Number191729

Mega Jackpot Wed 14/Jun/17, Draw 1059

Jackpot number 74708

Jackpot not won. Jackpots to draw 1060.

$200,000 Ticket Number28031
$20,000 Ticket Number100097
$5,000 Ticket Number57878

Mega Jackpot Thu 01/Jun/17, Draw 1058

Jackpot number 40154

Jackpot not won. Jackpots to draw 1059.

$200,000 Ticket Number141047
$20,000 Ticket Number26929
$5,000 Ticket Number92979

Mega Jackpot Thu 18/May/17, Draw 1057

Jackpot number 134378

Jackpot not won. Jackpots to draw 1058.

$200,000 Ticket Number134567
$20,000 Ticket Number26176
$5,000 Ticket Number94953

Mega Jackpot Thu 04/May/17, Draw 1056

Jackpot number 57528

Jackpot not won. Jackpots to draw 1057.

$200,000 Ticket Number16486
$20,000 Ticket Number67702
$5,000 Ticket Number151314

Mega Jackpot Tue 18/Apr/17, Draw 1055

Jackpot number 136679

Jackpot not won. Jackpots to draw 1056.

$200,000 Ticket Number195826
$20,000 Ticket Number6336
$5,000 Ticket Number26032

Mega Jackpot Wed 29/Mar/17, Draw 1054

Jackpot number 96360

Jackpot not won. Jackpots to draw 1055.

$200,000 Ticket Number171073
$20,000 Ticket Number7874
$5,000 Ticket Number60274

Mega Jackpot Tue 07/Mar/17, Draw 1053

Jackpot number 142924

Jackpot not won. Jackpots to draw 1054.

$200,000 Ticket Number157858
$20,000 Ticket Number66108
$5,000 Ticket Number152660

^ Jackpot amount advertised may already have been won when your lottery is drawn. Lucky Lotteries Mega Jackpot guaranteed min jackpot is $1,000,000. Lucky Lotteries Super Jackpot guaranteed min jackpot is $500,000. Super Jackpot Single Ticket $2.20 and Mega Jackpot Single Ticket $5.50.
^^ Lucky Lotteries draws are drawn as soon as practicable after the last ticket in the draw is sold, so the draw schedule is subject to change.
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