A Moone Ponds couple have told us they cried tears of joy after discovering they were more than $1.3 million richer from winning division one in Saturday’s TattsLotto draw.
The couple’s entry was one of the three division one winning entries nationally in TattsLotto draw 3897, with each entry scoring a division one prize of $1,364,143.36.
As well as winning the coveted division one prize, their winning entry also won division three 18 times and division four 45 times, bolstering their total prize to a whopping $1,383,579.76!
“It’s been a bit of a shock! Let me say!” the winning wife exclaimed when speaking to us this morning.
“My husband checked the ticket Sunday morning when he went out to grab some coffees.
“He rang me in tears and I said ‘what’s happened?’ and he said ‘are you sitting down? Can you please sit down?’ and he was crying.
“I thought ‘oh my god, what’s happened?’ and he told me ‘we’ve won $1.3 million!’
“I actually broke down and cried. The kids had thought someone had died after the reaction we both had!
“It was an incredible piece of news!”
The happy winner recounted the unusual circumstances around the couple’s winning entry.
“The whole course of events was quite interesting!” the happy winner explained.
“He bought the ticket at Puckle St Nextra, which has recently moved to a new address. As he walked out he said to himself ‘I wonder who their first division one winner will be?’.
“It’s just bizarre! He also told me that he saw our neighbour’s cat outside our house.
“Whenever he goes out and there is a cat there, he has a bit of a win!
“He hadn’t seen the cat for a while, and he walked out the other day, saw the cat and said ‘come on cat, when am I going to win?’.
“Then bam-o! We got the bloody big one on the weekend!”
When we asked the couple how they planned to spend their TattsLotto windfall, they revealed it had come at the perfect time.
“We are in the process of selling our house, and so my husband said to me ‘we don’t have to sell the house anymore!” the thrilled woman exclaimed.
“We can’t believe the timing of it! We’ve had our house on the market for a while but we haven’t had much luck and now we don’t have to worry about selling it.
“We’ll never ever forget it! We’re planning a holiday too. We are hoping to take the kids to Japan this year and then in a couple of years, we’d love to do a big Europe trip.
“We’ll both get a new car too as our cars are pretty old. We won’t go too crazy, we won’t be flippant with it. It will just really help us. We’ll make sure we have some left over for our retirement.
“It’s just such a nice feeling knowing we are no longer in debt with the house, and we won’t need to ever get into debt again!”
The couple, who wish to remain anonymous, purchased their winning entry at Puckle St Nextra, 45 Puckle Street, Moonee Ponds