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SA Lotteries Community Program

SA Lotteries has a long history of philanthropy and a connection to the South Australian community via a broad mix of community, sports and arts related charities and causes. Today Tatts Lotteries SA Pty Ltd (Sa Lotteries’ Master Agent) is continuing its long history of hospital support as a new national partner of the Starlight Children’s Foundation.

Starlight brightens the hospital experience for sick kids and teens, replacing pain, fear and stress with fun, joy and laughter. Starlight has a Starlight Express Room in every children’s hospital in Australia and more than 100 Captain Starlight’s nationally.

Starlight relies on the community to deliver its Starlight Express Room and Captain Starlight hospital programs and its wish granting program. Starlight supports all hospitalised children and their families, regardless of illness, injury or age. 

Starlight Day

    Starlight Dayis held annually on the first Friday in May and is Starlight’s biggest annual fundraising event. Each year Starlight supporters and the community raise funds to help transform the hospitalisation and treatment experience for sick kids and their families.

    In 2015, Starlight aimed to raise $1.3 million to give the gift of play to more than 30,000 seriously ill children through the delivery of their programs in every children’s hospital in Australia, seven days a week. 

    In 2016, SA Lotteries has contributed to a donation to fund the access of 2,564 kids to the Starlight Express Room. Starlight are also engaging the public to get involved and host a StarBQ to fundraise during the months of May and June. Every dollar raised will go towards helping Starlight deliver programs to brighten the lives of seriously ill children. Find out more about StarBQ.

    View the Starlight Day 2016 Video.

    To help Starlight continue to provide these important programs, simply making a donation at A donation of just $39 provides one child with access to Starlight’s hospital programs.

    Jasmine’s Story

    Seven-year-old Jasmine can be a little shy at first, but once she opens up she’s a lot of fun – she loves dancing, arts and crafts and playing sport whenever she can. She is normally full of energy. That’s why her mum, Vanessa, knew something wasn’t right when she had a cold that lingered much longer than normal. Jasmine was pale and lethargic, not herself at all.

    Vanessa took Jasmine to the doctor, who recommended some blood tests – just in case. It’s what any parent would do, never suspecting anything would be seriously wrong. It was the day before Mother’s Day when Jasmine had the blood tests. Mother’s Day will never be the same again for this family.

    The test results came back, and within hours their whole lives had been turned upside down. Jasmine had leukaemia.

    At the beginning, Jasmine didn’t understand what was going to happen. When they arrived at the hospital, she saw some other children who had lost their hair as a result of their chemotherapy. Vanessa remembers her saying, “Oh, Mum, they’re so much sicker than me.  At least I’m not going to lose my hair or anything.”  It broke Vanessa’s heart to have to explain that she would, in fact, lose her hair, and much more.

    Ten months of intensive chemotherapy started straight away. Vanessa said they never would have gotten through Jasmine’s treatment without Starlight. “Jasmine’s reward after having her chemo was to be able to go up to the Starlight Express Room at the end of the day,” she said. “And if she was too sick, the Captain Starlights would come down to the ward with some activities for her.”

    Jasmine loves playing in the Starlight Express Room with the friends she’s made there. She’s spent hours and hours playing princesses with the Captain Starlights, laughing and being silly just the way she should. Because in the Starlight Express Room, she isn’t “Jasmine who has cancer”, she’s “Princess Jasmine”! She isn’t defined by her illness – she’s just a normal kid having fun, and she can forget all about doctors and tests and being in hospital.

    “We’ve been through a really horrible, tough time,” said Vanessa, “but Starlight made everything a lot easier. We’ll always be grateful.”

Race to Sine

    Race to Shine is an Amazing Race-style event that is run on Starlight Day in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane.  It requires a team to co-ordinate a mission across the city in a given period of time competing with other teams for the lucrative title of winner. Teams help raise money for Starlight by getting sponsors for their efforts.

    Tatts was thrilled to have a team participate in the 2015 Race to Shine and looks forward to next year for what is sure to be another fantastic event. 

Starlight Wishes

    As part of its national program, Starlight grants around 500 wishes to seriously ill children each year. A Starlight Wish is like a dream come true for a seriously ill child and sharing a special, once-in-a-lifetime wish brings a family together, giving them something positive to look forward to and a break from the relentless cycle of pain and trauma helping them to get through the really hard days. Seven out of ten Starlight children recover from their illness and many parents say their Starlight Wish marked their turning point.

    As a proud supporter of Starlight, SA Lotteries was proud to announce the donation of two Starlight Wishes in celebration of Starlight Day in May 2015. See the handover in the Starlight Express Room.

Great Adventure Challenge

    The Great Adventure Challenge is an exciting, demanding and fun outdoor team event, designed to test and push the limits of corporate teams. Teams of eight are faced with a range of activities from navigation, mountain biking, trail running, kayaking and mystery tasks in a fresh, upbeat and fun event that takes place over the course of a day. Details of the race are kept a secret until the day, adding an extra challenge for all teams. A typical course involves eight legs, with transition stops between to recharge, refuel and rotate the team.

    Adventurers don’t need to be professional athletes or experts in all disciplines as the event is based on working, training and competing together as a team. Teams are encouraged to raise funds for Starlight and achieve time bonuses for their teams.  

    A Tatts team participated in the Great Adventure Challenge in November 2015.  If you would like to get involved in what is sure to be a fun and challenging day out, visit for more information.


    WA – Saturday 30th July 2016

    QLD – Saturday 8th October 2016

    NSW – Saturday 22nd October 2016

    VIC – Saturday 19th November 2016