Easiplay FAQs

  • How do I get an Easiplay Club card?

    You can now join online! Register for an online account and you'll receive an Easiplay Club card automatically. You can also Fill in an Easiplay Club card application form at your local SA Lotteries Outlet and hand it to your Retailer. For more information visit Join Easiplay.

  • Lost, stolen or misplaced registered ticket(s). What can I do?

    If you are an Easiplay Club card member and you lose a ticket registered to your Easiplay Club card, call our Contact Centre on 131 868. We can put a 'lock' on your lost ticket, which means no-one else can claim the prize on that ticket. An SA Lotteries representative will advise you of payment options for your current or future wins. A new card can be issued in-store immediately.

  • Is my online account linked to my Easiplay Club card?

    You can link your Easiplay Club card membership to your online account either when signing up for an online account or if you already have an online account and a card you can link them through the Card Manangement page of your online account. This will allow you to view your ticket and prize history (including viewing unclaimed retail prizes), check and update your account details, and check your tickets all online.

  • How do I save Favourite numbers onto my Easiplay Club card?

    Recording numbers onto your Easiplay Club card is easy and you can store up to 50 different entries, including QuickPicks, on your card.

    Just mark your favourite numbers onto any coupon of your choice, then hand the coupon to your SA Lotteries Retailer along with your Easiplay Club card and ask them to save the numbers to your card. To play your numbers whenever you want, simply hand your Easiplay Club card to your Retailer and ask to play your Favourites.

  • How can I change my personal details on my Easiplay club card?

    You can update any personal details by completing a new Easiplay Club Change of Details form.

  • What should I do if I lose my Easiplay Club card?

    If you lose your Easiplay Club card, ask your local SA Lotteries Outlet to order you a replacement card or you can order a replacement through your online account if your card is linked.

  • Why am I now required to pay an Easiplay Club membership fee?

    There are now more benefits to being an Easiplay Club member. By introducing a membership fee, the program is now more rewarding for players through the following offerings:

    • Members-only promotions from time-to-time
    • Ability to link your Easiplay Club card with your online SA Lotteries account to conveniently:
      • View retail and online prizes and ticket details
      • Update contact details
      • Pay membership fees
      • Receive online and retail prize payments into your online account the next day
      • Card renewal for multiple years

    As always, Easiplay Club membership also allows you to register your lottery purchases to your name, gives you the option for automatic payment of prizes ensuring you never miss out a prize, and you will receive official notification when you win a division one prize.

  • How much does it cost to join the Easiplay Club and register my lottery entries?

    Being an Easiplay Club member is now more rewarding. Membership for 1 year is $5, and you can receive a discount on this fee by registering for multiple years, i.e. 1 year $5, 2 years $9, 3 years $10, 5 years $15. You can read more here.

  • What will happen to the saved favourite games stored on the customers Easiplay Club card?

    Any customer with valid saved favourite games stored on their Easiplay Club card will still be able to play them on the new terminal. Any favourites that are not playable (i.e. where minimum number of games has changed) will need to be modified or replaced before they can be played. Refer to Training Manual for more information.

  • Can I register two names on my Easiplay Club Card for myself and my friend/partner?

    Only one name can be registered to an Easiplay Club Card membership account. This ensures all prizes are secure under your name and you receive automatic entry into members-only promotions.

  • Why do new members have to pay the membership fee now but existing members don't?

    Being an Easiplay Club member is now more rewarding. All new Easiplay Club members will pay a membership fee from 7 April and the fee will be due for all existing members between 1 July and 30 September 2014.

  • How do I link my Easiplay Club card with my online account?

    You can link your card when you open an online account as part of the registration, or if you're already an online member, just visit the 'Card Management' page to link your card

  • How does Autopay work?

    Easiplay Club members can now choose from the following Autopay payment options when they win a prize. Note that cheque payments will incur a $3 handling fee per cheque;

    In the case of a prize less than the amount determined by SA Lotteries (currently $6), the prize will not autopay by cheque or EFT until a subsequent prize is won bringing the consolidated prize amount above the amount determined by SA Lotteries, and payment will then be made. In the event that a subsequent prize is not won and autopaid within 12 months, the prize will be forfeited