Link your Easiplay card to an online account

As well as allowing you to update your details online, linking your Easiplay Club card to your online account gives you these great benefits*;

  1. Online purchases eligible for Bonus Draws
  2. View prizes and transactions
  3. Prizes paid direct to your online account the next day
  4. View, Play and Edit your favourites online
  5. Pay your membership fees online

Update your Easiplay membership details

You can update your Easiplay Club membership details at your nearest SA Lotteries Outlet or by following these three simple steps:

  1. Grab an Easiplay Club Change of Details form in-store.
  2. Complete and sign the form.
  3. Hand to the retailer and they will process it for you through the terminal.

* Membership terms and conditions apply for Easiplay Club membership, Easiplay Club Monthly Bonus Draws and when buying online. You need to link your Easiplay Club card to your verified online account to enable the online prize payment option. You are not required to have an active Easiplay Club membership to buy online. Your Easiplay Club membership must be active for you to be eligible for entry into the Easiplay Club Bonus draw. If you are lucky enough to win Division 1 you still need to wait the standard 14 days for your win to be confirmed before you will receive your payment.

Changing your name

To change the name that currently appears on your Easiplay Club card, please download and follow the instructions on the Customer Name Change Form.