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What will your numbers bring you this Tuesday?

Oz Lotto is Australian for BIG jackpots guaranteeing a minimum Division 1 prize pool of $2 million every Tuesday. Oz Lotto has jackpotted as high as $100 million!

Oz Lotto’s truck is fully loaded and it could be on its way to your place with a whopping payload. So make sure you’ve got your numbers in this Tuesday and you could win a truckload of cash!

Playing Oz Lotto is easy

There are forty-five balls numbered 1 to 45 from which seven winning numbers are randomly selected. There are lots of easy ways to play Oz Lotto and plenty of Oz Lotto play options including QuickPicks, Favourites and System entries. Read more on How to Play Oz Lotto.

Buying Oz Lotto tickets

To play Oz Lotto you can mark your own numbers (such as birthdays or special numbers) from as little as $1.30 (minimum 1 standard game), play a QuickPick and let our system choose a set of numbers for you or play a Favourite (numbers that you have saved to your Easiplay Card or online account). These options are available to buy online now or at your local SA Lotteries outlet.

The Oz Lotto Draw

The Oz Lotto draw closes at 7.00pm every Tuesday night. You can subscribe to Oz Lotto results emails, get results online straight after the draw, or from a number of convenient sources including your mobile.

Winning Oz Lotto

There are seven prize divisions in Oz Lotto. To win a Division 1 prize in Oz Lotto, you need to match 7 winning numbers in one game. You can win a Division 7 prize in Oz Lotto with 3 winning numbers plus 1 or 2 supplementary numbers in one game. Read more about Oz Lotto winning combinations and how to claim Oz Lotto prizes.

Game rules

Like all SA Lotteries games, Oz Lotto is governed by rules on how the game is to be conducted, including conditions of entry and participation, prize structure, determination of winning entries and payment or delivery of prizes.