Set for Life gives you the chance to win $20,000 a month for 20 years, with draws every day of the week! Every Set for Life entry gives you 7 days, 7 draws and multiple chances each day to be Set for Life! 

When you play Set for Life, you don’t just play your numbers in a single draw, you get to play them across 7 consecutive daily draws. That’s a chance to win every day for a week. 

In every Set for Life draw ten numbers are randomly drawn from thirty-seven. The first eight numbers drawn are the “Winning Numbers” and the last two numbers are the “Bonus Numbers”.  You win if you match the right combination of Winning Numbers and Bonus Numbers with your entry.Visit the winning combinations page to see what you need to win.

You can start your 7 day entry any day of the week and play for up to ten weeks.  Draw close is 8:30pm every night.   

How to play Set for Life

You can play Set for Life online or at your local SA Lotteries outlet by either playing your favourite numbers, or by asking for a randomly generated QuickSET entry. 

Download the Let's Play Set for Life brochure for more details.

Mark a coupon in-store 

If you have numbers that are really special to you, they could mean more when you play Set for Life. You can mark a Set for Life coupon with up to 4 SETS. 

  1. Grab a Set for Life coupon at your local outlet
  2. Mark your 8 favourite numbers in each panel to create a SET. You must play a minimum of 2 SETS and remember - each SET that you mark will be played across 7 consecutive daily draws.
  3. Top Up your entry if you want more chances to win.
  4. Choose when you wish to start your entry.

How to Mark a Coupon 

Ask for a QuickSET

QuickSETS are an easy and quick way to play, where your numbers are generated for you. QuickSET entries can be played in-store and online, and are perfect if you're in a hurry or playing for the first time. QuickSETS are available in the following levels:


Top up

When playing Set for Life in-store, if you have marked only a few SET panels and want to play a bigger entry, all you have to do is ask for a Top Up! The remaining game panels are randomly generated for you up to any QuickSET level (2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 15, 25 or 50 SETS). 

When topping up your entry, remember that each of your additional SETS will be played across 7 consecutive daily draws.

Choose when to play – play any day of the week!

With Set for Life you can choose when to start your 7 day entry.  When marking a coupon, simply select the circle representing the day in that week that you wish to start.   If you want to start your entry in a draw beyond the current week, simply mark ‘start later’ and let the retailer know what day or date you wish to start. You can start your Set for Life entry any date up to 9 weeks in advance.

If you’re going on holidays, out of town or if you simply don’t want to miss a Set for Life draw, you can choose to play a Multi-week entry.   You can play your favourite Set for Life entries or your QuickSET for 2 to 10 weeks at a time.

If you are an Easiplay Club member you can store up to 50 SETS of favourite games and numbers on your Easiplay Club card. Just present your card at your local SA Lotteries outlet and ask to play a favourite. You can record any marked coupon or QuickSET entry as a favourite.

Play it Again

Play it Again gives you the option to play your winning or non-winning ticket again!  If you liked an entry type that you’ve played or the numbers on your ticket, you have the option to play the same entry over and over.

Game rules

Set for Life is governed by rules on how the game is to be conducted, including conditions of entry, participation and prize structure.