Play in a Syndicate for the chance to win more!

Increase your chances of winning millions by sharing the cost of a larger entry with family members, friends or workmates. By dividing the cost of entry you can collectively place more games into a draw than you would normally purchase individually.

Play Systems for the chance to win multiple times

System Entries are all about giving you the chance to win more because the more people who contribute to your Syndicate, the bigger System Entry you could play. For example, if your Syndicate purchased a System 10 Entry in X Lotto and got four of the “winning numbers” right, you would win 15 times the Division 4 prize.

In a Syndicate you share the cost of the entry, making a System Entry the ideal way to play any of your favourite lotto games! Read our System Entries guide for more.

You can play as a Syndicate by:

  1. Downloading a Syndicate form.
  2. Asking any SA Lotteries retail agent to split your collective purchase into the relevant number of share tickets for each of your syndicate members.
  3. Providing a share ticket to each member of your syndicate.

After the draw, each syndicate member can present their ticket to any SA Lotteries outlet to claim their share of your group’s winnings.