Advanced purchase options

System Entries

Each game has its own range of System entries. As a general rule, System entries provide an easy way to play a combination of selections without completing a large number of game panels. The name of the System entry normally corresponds to how many numbers you need to select. For example, a System 7 means that you choose seven numbers, a System 8 means eight numbers, etc. Read more about playing Systems

Play a System Entry

Powerball PowerHit

The Powerball PowerHit allows you to play a standard Powerball entry and guarantee yourself the Powerball. A PowerHit entry is equivalent to 20 games.

A PowerHit entry can also be combined with some System entries. You can select a standard game or a System 7 up to a System 15, then each game in your System entry will be guaranteed the Powerball.

Play Power 20

Multi-week and Advance entries

You can play X Lotto, Oz Lotto, Powerball, Super 66 or the Pools for 2–10 weeks at a time or in advance. Find out more by navigating to the How To Play page of each game.

Super 66

Super 66 tickets are placed directly into your shopping cart and cannot be viewed or changed prior to purchase. Super 66 tickets cannot be saved as Favourites.

Play Super 66