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Welcome to the new way to play your Lotto. Autoplay is the online service that plays your Lotto games automatically. It’s cruise control for your Lotto. You subscribe to the games you want to play online and Autoplay will play them for the period you request, or you until you tell us to stop.

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    You're in Control

    With Autoplay you're in control. You setup each ticket and decide when to play - Jackpots over $20 Million, for the next 10 weeks or every draw, it's up to you. You can then change, pause or delete any Autoplay subscriptions as you please. You’re never locked in and you can even cancel a ticket up to the final moments before any draw.
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    Play your Favourites

    You can set Autoplay to play how you play. If you have favourite numbers, you can instruct Autoplay to play them automatically. If you only like to play for jackpots of a certain amount, or specific draws, you can instruct Autoplay to only enter these.
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    Payments & Prizes

    There are no extra costs and it’s the same price as buying your regular weekly lotto ticket. And with it’s easy to set-up and secure payment system, Autoplay will purchase your games automatically. Plus, any prizes you win will be automatically credited to your account, usually the next day!
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    Automated Alerts

    Never be out of the loop again when it comes to your Lotto. With Autoplay you will instantly receive notification when an Autoplay ticket has been purchased for you, and when you won. You’ll also receive an alert when your winnings have been paid into your account or a ticket has been purchased for you.

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It’s easy to start using Autoplay. All you need is a verified online account. Don’t have an online account? Set one up quickly right now. If you'd like to find out more about Autoplay, read the FAQ's.

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