Claiming Prizes FAQs

  • Is there a prize claim form available to download?

    There is information available online for claiming prizes or you can download the Prize Claim form. If you have lost a ticket, complete the Lost Damaged Ticket Search form.

  • As an Easiplay Card member, how do I claim a prize?

    There is information available online for claiming prizes

  • I have won a prize, how do I collect my winnings?

    There is information available online to help with claiming prizes.

  • Will SA Lotteries alert me personally if I have won a prize?

    SA Lotteries will only contact Easiplay Club members that have registered their details with us. If you have provided your email address to SA Lotteries you may receive an email notifying you of a prize win, to confirm the email is legitimate you can call us on 131 868 or visit your local outlet to claim your prize.

    Visit the how to claim prizes page for more information on how to claim a prize. Easiplay Card members are notified of any minor prizes that have not been claimed when using their Easiplay Card at a SA Lotteries Outlet, and will also receive a bank account transfer or cheque automatically posted to them, 4 weeks after the draw for any prizes not already claimed. To make sure you get paid your prizes if you forget to claim them, register your entries to an Easiplay Club Card when purchasing. Just ask your Retailer for details and an Easiplay Club membership application form.
  • I live interstate, how do I claim a prize?

    If you live interstate or even overseas, you can claim a prize on an SA Lotteries ticket by writing your name and address on the reverse of the original ticket and forwarding it to:

    PO Box 74

    Be sure to keep a copy of your ticket. Please consider forwarding the ticket via secure mail. Your prize claim will be processed within 10 business days of receipt of the claim.

    If you have any enquiries regarding claiming Keno prizes please contact us

  • Do I need to pay tax on my winnings?

    No. As with all SA Lotteries products, prizes are tax-free.

  • What is the prize "Provisional Period"?

    First division, Set for Life 1st prize, Lucky Lotteries jackpot or Lucky Lotteries 1st prize and Keno Spot 9 and Keno Spot 10 prizes are available for payment from the first business day two weeks following the draw.

  • How do I find out whether an old ticket has won a prize?

    If you haven’t checked your ticket within 12 months of the date of your win, your local SA Lotteries outlet will be able to provide results for any games drawn back to 1997. Results for draws occurring before 1997 are available by emailing SA Lotteries. Any prize won on a ticket that is older than 12 months will have been forfeited to the South Australian Commission.

    If you are making a claim on an out of date ticket please complete an Ex Gratia Statutory Declaration along with a SA Lotteries Prize Claim Form.

    Please note: Tickets outside the 12 month period are not payable under the Lotteries Act, however SA Lotteries have a special discretion to pay, and there are associated administration costs enabling us to process these payments.

  • How does Autopay work?

    Easiplay Club members can now choose from the following Autopay payment options when they win a prize. Note that cheque payments will incur a $3 handling fee per cheque;

    In the case of a prize less than the amount determined by SA Lotteries (currently $6), the prize will not autopay by cheque or EFT until a subsequent prize is won bringing the consolidated prize amount above the amount determined by SA Lotteries, and payment will then be made. In the event that a subsequent prize is not won and autopaid within 12 months, the prize will be forfeited

  • Can I claim a prize on a lost or discarded ticket?

    If you’re an Easiplay Club member and your ticket was registered, don’t worry … one of the many great benefits of Easiplay Club membership is that you will still receive prizes on a registered ticket that is lost, stolen or damaged. Your prize will be automatically paid as indicated on your Easiplay Club Membership.

    If you’re not a member of SA Lotteries’ Easiplay Club, you will need to provide as much information about your ticket on a Lost or Damaged Ticket Search form. A $22 claim administration fee applies upon the lodgement of this form. Payment of any successful search is not payable until 12 months after the draw.

  • Why do I pay a fee when claiming a prize from a ticket submitted on the Prize Claim form?

    Any prize won on a ticket that is lost or older than 12 months will have been forfeited to the South Australian Commission. Therefore an administration fee is applied per ticket or per unpresented cheque.