Players 1st - SA Lotteries Player Protection

Whether you're a regular player or you just play the big jackpots, it's important for you and all SA Lotteries retailers and staff to know how to protect your potential winnings.

The following information is aimed at helping you get the prize money you’re entitled to.

Join Easiplay Club – The Safest Way to Play

  • For all SA Lotteries games, Easiplay Club members' winnings are protected because prizes can only be claimed in-store by presenting your Easiplay Club card together with your winning registered ticket.
  • Easiplay Card members are notified of any minor prizes that have not been claimed when using their Easiplay Card at a SA Lotteries Outlet, and will also receive a bank account transfer, Internal Account transfer or cheque automatically posted to them 28 days after the draw, for any prizes not already claimed.

Keep an eye on your Ticket

  • If you are an Easiplay Club member, ensure you register all tickets to your card. Make sure you check that your Easiplay Club card number and your name are printed on your registered tickets.
  • Always check your ticket at the time of purchase and at the time of claiming a prize.
  • Write your name and address on the back of your ticket before claiming your prize. Tickets that are not registered to an Easiplay Club card are 'bearer tickets', which means anyone can redeem the winnings if they present that ticket.
  • Treat your tickets like cash and do not discard them until you are absolutely sure of their status.
  • If you lose a ticket, call us immediately on 131 868. If your ticket is not registered to an Easiplay Club card and you lose it, you will need to complete a 'Lost/Damaged Ticket Search' form to assist us in locating your ticket in our lottery system.
  • Tickets can be cancelled at the same outlet of purchase upon presentation of the original ticket. Cancellations can only occur prior to the first draw taking place, must be prior to draw close and the transaction must be available in the lottery system.
  • SA Lotteries strongly advises against the photocopying of tickets for the purpose of sharing entries or setting up personal syndicates. There are a number of Syndicate resources available on our website. The only time we recommend that you retain a photocopy of your ticket for your records, is when you are claiming a prize directly with us via the mail.

How to know if you're a Winner

  • If you are an Easiplay Club member and you win a Division 1 prize or the Spot 8, 9 or 10 prize in Keno games on a registered ticket, we'll call you with the good news!
  • Draw results are published online at and on TV, in local media and in SA Lotteries agencies.
  • You can also phone 1900 987 100 for results excluding Keno (calls made in Australia are charged at 38.5c per minute. Higher rates apply from payphones, mobiles or for overseas callers. Provided by Salmat Digital. Helpline 1300 131 276. 1900 service not available for Instant Scratch-Its). Phone 1900 987 110 for Keno results.
  • You can SMS 197 37 858 with the game code, i.e Oz Lotto, Powerball, Monday X Lotto or Wednesday X Lotto, Saturday X Lotto, Super 66 or Pools (cost is 55c per SMS. Provided by Salmat Digital. Helpline 1300 131 276. SMS service is not available for Keno).
  • Visit your local SA Lotteries agency and use the in-store self checking ticket machines to see if you have won a prize.
  • Present your ticket for checking at your local SA Lotteries agency. Winning tickets are printed 'Winner' and non-winning tickets printed 'Better luck next time' by our lottery system. If your ticket requires manual validation, it will not be branded.
  • Always ask your SA Lotteries agent for your non-winning ticket back if in any doubt as to whether or not you have won a prize.
  • If you are lucky enough to win a prize, it will appear as '***' on the customer screen to protect your privacy and security.

Instant Scratch-Its Tickets

  • Instant Scratch-Its tickets are not able to be registered to an Easiplay Club card.
  • All tickets feature a name and address panel on the back of the ticket.
  • If you have a winning ticket, SA Lotteries recommends filling out this panel with your personal details as soon as you know you have won a prize.
  • You can visit your local SA Lotteries agency and use the in-store self checking ticket machines to see if you have won a prize.

What to do if you're a Winner

  • Our gaming system will print a prize claim slip. Your SA Lotteries agent will give this to you along with your winnings and your original prize winning ticket.
  • All SA Lotteries and Instant Scratch-Its tickets, be it a winner or not, will be given back to you, excluding cancelled tickets.
  • Visit the 'How to claim prizes' page for more information.

Agents you can rely on

  • Our network consists of a large number of agents who are well trained and trusted with the responsibility to sell, promote and distribute SA Lotteries games.
  • We process tens of millions of transactions every year and go to great lengths to ensure your privacy and anonymity is always protected.
  • If, for any reason, you have a less than satisfying experience at an SA Lotteries outlet, please call our Players 1st Hotline number on 1300 PLAYER (1300 752 937).

Protecting our Winners

  • The identity of all our winners is kept confidential, unless you request otherwise.
  • Always ensure the details of your Easiplay Club membership are up-to-date.
  • View our entire Privacy Policy online at

Concerns and Questions

  • Immediately report any concerns you may have about the way a lottery transaction has been processed by phoning the Players 1st Hotline on 1300 PLAYER (1300 752 937).
  • We are committed to improving the level of service provided to our customers and your feedback is highly valued.
  • Our Complaints Handling Charter is available for download from our website.
  • If you have a complaint to make, it can be done simply and easily by one of the following methods:

Phone 1300 PLAYER (1300 752 937) Email Fax (07) 3877 1140

Write to Complaints Coordinator SA Lotteries Locked Bag 7 Coorparoo DC Qld 4151

Play Responsibly

It is important to remember that all our products are games of chance. The odds of winning are outlined on and in the "Let’s Play" guides available from SA Lotteries agencies and online. If gambling is a problem, there is a range of support and counselling services available to help you. As a first step, you could contact one of the following:

  • Call the Gambling Helpline on 1800 858 858. Counsellors are available at any time, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You don't have to give your name. Interpreter services are available for non-English speakers.
  • Call SA Lotteries on 1300 138 132 (during extended business hours) and ask to speak to a Responsible Play Liaison Officer.