Results Services

Self Service Ticket Checkers

Scan the barcode of your ticket through the ticket checker in your local SA Lotteries Outlet and if you've won a prize you'll be directed to the Retailer at the counter or the SA Lotteries Head Office to claim your winnings.

the Lott App

Access results for your favourite game anywhere, anytime with the Lott App for iOS and Android.

  • Stay up-to-date on the next draw jackpot amounts and recent dividends.
  • Scan your tickets purchased in store to see if you're a winner
  • Locate your nearest SA Lotteries Outlet.
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Free Email news and results service

Sign up for a Free Subscription to receive results, prize notifications and news on your favourite game directly to your email inbox. Register in one quick easy step and opt out at any time. Choose the games you want to receive and update preferences anytime.

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Watch draws online

View the latest draw broadcasts for Saturday X Lotto, Oz Lotto and Powerball within minutes of every draw. Just click on the icon when viewing draw results, to watch the video for that draw.

Check results online

Access all the latest lotto draw results online. They're updated just after the draw.

SMS results

Receive recent and past draw results and prize dividends on your mobile phone. Please note that Phone and SMS results services are not currently available for Set for Life.

  • Latest draw results: SMS the game name (e.g. Sat X Lotto) to 19 RESULT (19 737 858) after 8.25pm on draw night or after 5.00pm the Monday after the draw for The Pools. (SMS cost $0.55. Salmat Digital)
  • Previous draw results: SMS the game name and draw number (e.g. Sat X Lotto 2619) to 19 RESULT (19 737 858). (SMS cost $0.55. Salmat Digital)
  • Latest prize dividends: SMS the game name plus 'div' (e.g. Sat X Lotto div) to 19 RESULT (19 737 858) after 7.00am the morning after the draw or after 5.00pm on the Monday after the draw for The Pools. (SMS cost $0.55. Salmat Digital)
  • Previous prize dividends: SMS the game name, plus 'div' and the draw number (e.g. Sat X Lotto div 2619) to 19 RESULT (19 737 858). (SMS cost $0.55. Salmat Digital)

For SMS help call 1300 131 276.

Lotto Game SMS Code
Saturday X Lotto sat
Oz Lotto oz
Monday X Lotto  mon
Wednesday X Lotto wed
Powerball pball
The Pools pools
Super 66 super66

Phone our results lines

  • All Games (excl. Keno): 1900 987 100
  • X Lotto (Sat) and Super 66: 1900 989 101
  • Powerball: 1900 989 102
  • Oz Lotto: 1900 989 103
  • X Lotto (Mon & Wed): 1900 989 104
  • The Pools: 1900 989 105
  • Keno: 1900 987 110.

Call cost to the all Games line (including Keno) is 38.5 cents per minute. Call cost to individual game lines is flat rate of 38.5 cents. Higher rates apply to calls from mobile phones and payphones. Flagfall fees may apply.

Easiplay Card Members — we'll let you know if you win!

Play with your Easiplay Card and if you have a Division 1 win we'll call you! Plus, every time your card is scanned in-store the lottery terminal will let you know if you have any unclaimed prizes.

If you register your ticket with your Easiplay Card and forget to claim your prize, or your ticket goes through the wash, we'll automatically send you a prize cheque or pay your winnings into your bank account. Payment will happen between 28 and 120 days after the draw depending on what you have elected.

Remember to be careful with your SA Lotteries tickets as they are 'bearer tickets', which means anyone can redeem the winnings. If you lose a ticket registered to your Easiplay Card, call us immediately on 131 868. Once we verify your identity we can arrange to place a stop on your ticket to prevent anyone from claiming your prizes.

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Buy tickets online for automatic prize payments

Buy lotto online and prizes will be automatically paid into your online lotto account. Also, we'll send you an email notifying you of any wins. Join up to buy online.

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