Government Regulation

Tattersall's is one of the world's oldest continuous private lottery operators. We have been operating our lotteries under government licence since 1897, and have been conducting lotteries under licence from the Victorian Government since 1954. We also conduct lotteries under licence from the state governments of Tasmania and the Northern Territory.

Tickets for a number of Tattersall's Australian lottery products are also sold in Fiji and other countries in which Tattersall's is permitted to sell lottery tickets through reseller agreements and via Tattersall's internet distribution channel.

Customers purchasing via the official Tattersall's Lotteries website (this website) pay the same prices as they would pay in a Tattersall's lottery outlet and website membership is free. The website is operated in accordance with the strict standards and regulation required by our Victorian government licence and the high expectations of our customers.

Australian Lotteries Industry Code of Practice

For more information on the code, click here.