FAQ - General

How can I contact Tatts?

Click here to find our contact details.

Where can I view the game rules?

Click here to view the game rules. Copies of the rules are also available in all Tatts Outlets.

I think I've been targeted by a lottery scam - how do I know if it's a scam or not?

Lottery scams work by advising people that they have won money in a lottery when they have not. The purpose is to either extract a fee to collect the non-existent "winnings", or obtain confidential financial details.

Tattersalls Sweeps Pty Ltd [Tatts] or any other business of Tatts Group Ltd does not send emails or letters requesting further information for payment of prizes. Customers who have received any communication that they are concerned about should contact our National Contact Centre on 131 868.

I have lost, had stolen or misplaced my REGISTERED ticket/s. What can I do?

If you are a Tatts Card member and you lose your lottery ticket registered to your Tatts Card, you should call Tatts on 131 868. We will be able to put a 'lock' on your lost ticket, which means no one else can claim prizes on that ticket.

A Tatts representative will then advise you of your payment options for collection of your current or future wins.

I have lost, had stolen or misplaced my UNREGISTERED ticket/s. What can I do?

Please be careful with your lotto and Instant Scratch-Its tickets because it is a bearer document and if it is stolen or you lose it, someone else could claim the prize.

If your lotto or Instant Scratch-Its ticket is not registered to a Tatts Card, you may complete a Lost Damaged Ticket Search Form which may assist us to locate your entry in our lottery system.

However, please note that Tatts is not required to pay prizes in respect of unregistered lotto and Instant Scratch-Its tickets that cannot be produced for prize verification, and as such clear and irrefutable evidence satisfactory to Tatts will be required before Tatts will exercise its discretion to pay a prize on an entry that is the subject of a lost lottery ticket claim.

Learn more on the Claiming Prizes page.