Lucky Lotteries is a lot like playing in a raffle where there are a set amount of numbers per draw.

Once you've decided which game you'd like to play - Super Jackpot or Mega Jackpot - simply follow the steps below to try out your luck.


Choose which draw/s you'd like to enter
(current draw and/or 1 - 10* advance draws for Super Jackpot or
current draw and/or 1 - 2* advance draws for Mega Jackpot).


Choose whether to play your numbers in either random or sequential order.


Choose the number of tickets you'd like to play from 1 - 10 random numbers OR up to 2,000 sequential numbers per draw.

You can play in-store, online or on the Lott App any day of the week. Find your nearest Outlet.

To learn more watch the How to Play video below or read the How to Play brochure.

What are you waiting for? grab a ticket right meow.

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* Subject to change.
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