Set For Life – Win $20,000 a month for 20 years

Latest Results

Draw 775 19 Sep 2017

Winning Numbers

Bonus Numbers

  • 4
  • 3
  • 25
  • 20
  • 19
  • 13
  • 34
  • 5
  • 22
  • 30

Next Draw

9:00PM Wed 20 Sep 2017, Draw 776


Imagine waking up one day to find that you were Set for Life, and that you’d won $20,000 each and every month for 20 years. Imagine the possibilities…

With 7 day entries and draws every day of the week, you could wake up tomorrow to find that you’re Set for Life. Be sure you get your numbers in before the next draw.


playing Set for Life is easy

You can play Set for Life by choosing your own numbers, playing a QuickSET entry or by playing a favourite saved entry. Find out more about how to play Set for Life or buy your entry online.


Winning set for Life

To win Set for Life 1st Prize you need to match 8 Winning Numbers drawn to the 8 numbers in a single SET on your ticket. There are 8 Prize Levels in Set for Life - read more about winning combinations and claiming prizes.


Start playing today

You can play Set for Life for as little as $8.40 and you can choose to start your 7 day entry any day of the week. Simply buy your entry online or head to your nearest Tatts outlet.