Game Rules & Odds

Odds of winning

To win Division 1 you must have the 6-digit Super 66 number matching the exact sequence as the numbers drawn. You can also win a prize if your Super 66 number matches the sequence of the first or last 2, 3, 4 or 5 numbers drawn. In all there are 5 prize divisions.

The following are the winning numbers for each division, if:

  • N means a winning number
  • n means a number other than a winning number
Division Your Super 66 number
starts with OR ends with
Odds based
on 1 Game
Division 1 NNNNNN 1,000,000:1
Division 2 NNNNNn or nNNNNN 55,556:1
Division 3 NNNNnn or nnNNNN 5,556:1
Division 4 NNNnnn or nnnNNN 556:1
Division 5 NNnnnn or nnnnNN 56:1

Game rules

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