tatts card conditions of use

  1. Tatts Card membership is only available to persons 18 years of age or older.
  2. A prize registered on a Tatts Card and not claimed within 4 weeks will be paid by cheque and forwarded by ordinary post to the address registered on Tattersall's Tatts Card computer file. Prizes in respect of multi-week or multi-day entries will be posted approximately four weeks after the draw date of the last entry recorded on that entry ticket.
  3. Tattersall's may request either a Statutory Declaration of ownership or the original entry ticket be produced prior to the payment of any prize registered on a Tatts Card.
  4. Only cheques under $1,000 will be posted and a nominal handling fee inclusive of GST will be deducted from those prizes over $5.00. Prize cheques for which a 'stop payment' is placed at the member's request, or which have been cancelled, returned or re-issued as a result of a member's failure to keep their details current, may incur additional handling/service fees including those charged by the bank of issue, and may be deduced from the value of the prize.
  5. Prize winning tickets are bearer documents and any prize payment by Tattersall's to a person surrendering a winning ticket shall discharge any liability Tattersall's has in respect of that winning ticket, irrespective of whether the ticket is registered to a particular Tatts Card member or not.
  6. Tattersall's assumes no responsibility or liability for lost or stolen tickets and under no circumstances shall registration as a Tatts Card member entitle a person to whom a winning ticket is registered to claim a prize previously paid by Tattersall's.
  7. It is the member's responsibility to ensure that the personal details and address recorded on the Tatts Card computer file are correct at all times. Members must promptly notify Tattersall's of all changes.
  8. The Tatts Card remains the property of Tattersall's. Tattersall's reserves the right to withdraw the card at any time and to pay out any prize moneys which may be outstanding.
  9. Tattersall's will not be liable for any errors or omissions in respect of numbers stored on the Tatts Card computer system and it remains the responsibility of the member to check that numbers and/or entry details recorded on tickets are correct at the time of issue. Tattersall's will not be liable for a any inability to record or retrieve numbers on a member's Tatts Card or to otherwise access the Tatts Card computer system for any purpose.
  10. Tattersall's reserves the right to amend the Conditions of Use of the Tatts Card at any time without notice or liability.
  11. Information about applicants and members is used by Tattersall's to assess and process membership applications and to inform members of prizes they have won. The information is also used for the purposes of carrying out marketing, planning, product development, administration and conduct of the Tatts Card program and research. If an applicant does not provide the required information, Tattersall's cannot process the application. Tattersall's may also disclose this information to its contractors and to other companies in the Tattersall's Group so they can use it and disclose it to their contractors, for the purposes of marketing, planning, product development, administration and conduct of the Tatts Card program and research. Tattersall's may also disclose this information to any person who is the bearer of an entry ticket that is registered to the member's Tatts Card, for the purposes of the administration and conduct of the Tatts Card program. Tattersall's may also disclose the member's Tatts Card number on the Customer Display Screen when a member chooses to use his or her Tatts Card during a transaction. It is a condition of membership that applicants and members consent to these uses and disclosures of their information by Tattersall's. Applicants and members will usually be entitled to gain access to information which Tattersall's holds about them, except in certain circumstances specified by legislation. Tattersall's may charge a fee for providing members with access to their personal information.
  12. Tattersall's shall not be bound by any rule or agreement made between group entrants.
  13. These conditions are to be read in conjunction with the Rules governing Tattersall's lottery games which are available for inspection at Tattersall's Outlets.
  14. "Tattersall's" means Tattersall's Sweeps Pty Ltd (ACN 081 925 662).
  15. August 2004