Become a Retailer

Become a retailer with the Lott!

Tatts is part of Australia’s largest official lottery operator, the Lott. As Australia’s leading lottery operator our products are regularly purchased by a majority of the adult population.

What does it take to become a Tatts retailer?

Being a Tatts retailer requires a shared commitment to the vision and direction of the business. It requires the highest standards of customer service and integrity and a desire to sell products that are innovative, exciting and widely played. In return, retailers are recognised and rewarded for their contribution and support.

What are the benefits of becoming a Tatts retailer?

The benefits of becoming a Tatts retailer include the following:

  • Being part of a system that has been operating for over 120 years
  • Increased business opportunities
  • Comprehensive training
  • Marketing support
  • Operational and technical support
  • Commissions

How do I become a Tatts retailer?

All prospective retailers are required to submit an application to Tatts, and are assessed against the following three key criteria:

  • the suitability of the applicant;
  • the suitability of the business; and
  • the ability to generate a sufficient financial return for Tatts.

When an application is received for a new site, Tatts reviews the business and site location to determine if the franchise criteria can be met. Face to face interviews with prospective retailers and any supervisors are also conducted to assess the suitability and ability of the applicant.

Finally, a minimum of two prospective retailers and/or supervisors are required to successfully complete the New Retailer Program, consisting of a two week competency-based training program, prior to the commencement of selling lottery products.

For more information on the Application Process please refer to our Franchise Information Kit.

What are the costs associated with becoming a Tatts retailer?

Establishing a new Tatts retail outlet involves the following costs:

  • A new site application fee of $825 including GST.
  • A new site establishment fee of $27,500 including GST is payable prior to commencement of trade.
  • A New Outlet Franchisee Fee is payable for the first three years that the business is in operation; this fee is 1.1% (including GST) of the value of subscriptions sold at the retail outlet during each accounting week, and is payable twice-weekly.
  • Product and Outlet Training Fees of $1,320 per person including GST
  • Costs for installation of the Lott’s retail image are approximately $20,000 to $35,000 depending upon your outlet's requirements, agreed layout and individual needs.

For a full breakdown of associated costs, including store relocation or transferring ownership of a retail store, please refer to our Franchise Information Kit.

What commissions can I make being a Tatts retailer?

The commission received on lottery products varies between 8.8% and 10% inclusive of GST.

Where can I apply to become a Tatts retailer?

 If you would like to apply to become a new Tatts retailer please contact us on (07) 3877 1095 or

Possible New Site Opportunity

Subject to satisfying commercial criteria, there may be an opportunity to open a new outlet.

Persons interested in applying for a lotteries franchise would be required to seek a tenancy, and obtain a lease offer, prior to submitting an application. 

An application fee of $825.00 (GST incl.) is payable. 

If successful, an establishment fee of $27,500.00 (GST incl.) and ongoing fees apply as set out in the Disclosure Document.

If you would like more information, or the application form, please contact us at