Tatts Card. The safest way to play in-store.

There are lots of great reasons to be a Tatts Card member!


Prize Protection

Every time you use your Tatts Card in-store we'll tell you if you've won a prize. For extra security when claiming, we'll also ask you to present your card and ticket together. This is an important security feature which further protects your prizes from being claimed by anyone but you. 

If you have a Tatts Card and you lose a registered ticket or your card, a security 'stop' can be placed on your ticket, preventing it from being paid to someone else, provided it hasn't already been claimed. To place a 'stop' on a ticket, call us on 131 868.



Exclusive $1,000 monthly bonus draws

Exclusive to Tatts Card members, every month 1 lucky member wins $1,000 in the Bonus Draw!* 

Just use your Tatts Card when you play lotto and you'll automatically receive 1 entry into a draw for every $1 you spend*. Online purchases are also eligible where members have an active Tatts Card membership linked to their online lottery account. Check the results each month.


Automatic prize payments

If you ever forget to claim a prize, we'll automatically send you a prize cheque, deposit the prize money into your online lottery account* or into your bank account 4 weeks after the last draw on the ticket.

Link your card & online lottery account

Link your Tatts Card to your online account for access to view your ticket and prize history (including unclaimed retail prizes), setup online prize payments*, keep your details up to date and pay your card membership fees. If you join online and don't link a card, you'll automatically be assigned one.

Play Favourites

Favourites are a great way to save and play your special numbers and you can save up to 50 sets of Favourites to your Tatts Card. You can play a Favourite any time you hand your Tatts Card to your local Tatts retailer. If you have a Tatts Card linked to your online lottery account, you can save, play and even edit your Favourites online.

Winner's call

Had a Division 1 win from a ticket bought in-store? We'll call you personally to deliver the big news!



Join today!

To join Tatts Card visit your nearest retail outlet and complete an application form and pay your membership fee of $7.70. Your Tatts Card will be delivered to you within 21 days. You can also join and activate your membership online from within your account.

Already a member? Renew your membership

If you play in-store, you can renew your card by presenting it to your retailer along with the membership fee of $7.70. If you have linked your card to your online lottery account you can also renew your card online.



*Membership terms and conditions apply for Tatts Card membership and Bonus Draws. Automatic prize payments exclude Division 1, Set for Life 1st Prize, Lucky Lotteries 1st and Jackpot prizes which have a 14 day provisional period prior to payment. Your Tatts Card must be linked to your verified online account for the online prize payment option to be enabled. Your Tatts Card membership must be active for you to be eligible into the Tatts Card Bonus Draw.