Autoplay FAQs

I am not receiving email notifications. What can I do?

Please login to your account and check your email preferences and email address are correct. If they are correct and you are still not receiving emails, please call our online support team on 131 868.

How do I check to see if Autoplay has purchased a ticket?

You should login to your account and check the 'Ticket History' page for all your purchases. Autoplay purchases will be marked as Autoplay.

How do I cancel an Autoplay subscription?

You can either 'Pause' or 'Delete' an Autoplay subscription. To do this, login to your account and visit the 'Subscriptions' page.

Does Autoplay cost more than a normal ticket?

No. The Autoplay service is provided free-of-charge. Tickets purchased through Autoplay are the same price as tickets purchased online or through a Golden Casket retail outlet.

How will I know if Autoplay has purchased a ticket for me?

For each Autoplay ticket purchased, we will send you an email confirmation. You can also login to your account to check your 'Ticket History' at any time. Because you will receive email notifications about purchase and deposit transactions, it is important you keep your email address up-to-date. You can do this through your online account or by calling our support team on 131 868.

What is 'Play It Again'?

Play It Again is only available online, and allows you to play the same ticket, with the same numbers, again in a new draw. Just select the 'Play It Again' button when viewing ticket details on your 'Ticket History' page to play that exact ticket again in a new draw. Pressing the button will take you to a pre-filled purchase page, with your ticket all set up ready for you to add to your cart.

What happens to a prize won on an Autoplay ticket?

A prize won on an Autoplay ticket is treated the same as any other prize purchased online. It will be paid directly into your online account, usually the next day.

Why do I need to provide a credit card?

To ensure we can always purchase the tickets you have requested through Autoplay, we ask you to provide one credit card that covers all Autoplay entries. We will only debit funds from your credit card if there are insufficient funds in your online account. If you simply ensure there are sufficient funds in your account at all times, your credit card will not be used.

Are there any fees or charges with Autoplay?

There are no fees, charges, or additional costs to use Autoplay. Also, tickets are the same price as retail.

What Lotteries games can I buy using Autoplay?

You can set up Autoplay tickets in Saturday Gold Lotto, Oz Lotto, Powerball, Monday & Wednesday Gold Lotto and The Pools.

How many tickets can I set up for Autoplay?

There is no limit to the number of tickets you can set up for Autoplay.

Why would my Autoplay purchase have failed?

There are a number of reasons Autoplay purchases may fail. Common reasons are:

  • Insufficient funds in your account to complete the purchase.
  • Your credit card deposit was not completed because the details were incorrect or expired.
  • Your weekly spend limit may have been exceeded.
Still got questions? Call our friendly support team on 131 868.

Some of my Autoplay purchases were made but others were not. Why?

If you have multiple tickets set up for Autoplay, the system will attempt to purchase the earliest draws first. If subsequent tickets are not being purchased it is likely due to the same reasons as outlined in the above FAQ “Why would my Autoplay purchase have failed?”.