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Powerball, the power to change it all,
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Imagine what you could change if you won Powerball this Thursday. With a minimum division one prize pool of $3 million every Thursday night and jackpots of up to $50 million or more, Powerball could give you the power to change it all.

And there's now some great benefits like big jackpots, a bigger prize pool and more winners

Playing Powerball is easy

Barrel 1 - 6 from 40 - Barrel 2 - 1 from 20

There are 2 draw barrels - 6 winning numbers are drawn from 40 for the first barrel and 1 winning number is drawn from 20 for the second barrel (the Powerball barrel). You need to match all 6 winning numbers plus the Powerball to win Division 1.

There's easy ways to play Powerball and plenty of Powerball play options including QuickPicks, Favourites and System entries.

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Buying Powerball tickets

To play Powerball you can mark your own numbers (eg Birthdays or special numbers) from as little as $3.70 (minimum 4 standard games), play a QuickPick and let our system choose a set of numbers for you (QuickPick's start from $11.15 for 12 games) or play a Favourite (numbers that you have saved to your Winners Circle card or online account). These options are available to buy online now or at your local Golden Casket Outlet.

Winning Powerball

There are 8 prize divisions in Powerball. To win a Division 1 prize, you need to match 6 winning numbers plus the Powerball in one game. You can win a Division 8 prize in Powerball with 2 winning numbers plus the Powerball in one game. Read more about Powerball winning combinations and how to claim Powerball prizes.