System Entries

What is a System entry?

A System entry gives you more chances to win by playing 7-20 numbers (or 8-20 numbers for Oz Lotto) in a single game panel! By playing more numbers in a single draw, not only do you have more chances to win, but you can win multiple prizes per game.

System entries are like playing lots of standard games. A standard game panel in Powerball for example is 6 numbers. When you choose 8 numbers, you get 2 combinations of 6 numbers giving you the equivalent of 28 games!

What games can I play a System entry with?

  • Powerball
  • Oz Lotto
  • Tatts Lotto
  • Monday & Wednesday Lotto
  • The Pools

What are the different types of System entries?

The System name relates to how many numbers are selected in one game panel. A System 8 means you select 8 numbers, a System 17 you select 17 numbers and so on.

How do I win with a System entry?

If your numbers in 1 game panel match the winning numbers, you’ll win multiple prizes (and sometimes across multiple divisions).

For example, if you play a System 10 (selecting 10 numbers) for TattsLotto and match 4 winning numbers + 1 supplementary number, instead of just winning Division 4, you’ll win…


System Entry Prize Tables

Download the following tables to show the divisional prizes won for each type of winning System entry.

View the Powerball Systems breakdown.

View the Oz Lotto Systems breakdown.

View the TattsLotto Systems breakdown.

View the Monday & Wednesday Lotto Systems breakdown.

View the The Pools Systems breakdown.

Where can I play a System entry?

You can play System entries in-store, online or via the Lott App.

How do I play a System entry?

To play a System entry, simply mark 7–20 numbers in each game panel (with the exception of Oz Lotto where you can mark 8-20 numbers). 

There are three ways to play a System entry:

1. QuickPick

Available in-store or on the Lott App, numbers will be randomly generated for you (play 2-50 games)

2. Choose your numbers

Mark your favourite numbers on a coupon in-store and select the ‘SYSTEM/PICK’ box (play 1-18 games)


Choose your numbers/auto fill numbers online or on the Lott App (play 1-50 games)